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Mission Statement

The purpose of this corporation is to promote Chinese cultural celebration, to promote multi-cultural exchanges, to create understanding in the global arena, to honor and preserve the American-Chinese history in the Central Coast Area and to promote appreciation for different cultures, and to carry on other charitable/educational activities associated with this goal as allowed by law. 




Keith Kwong

The Central Coast Chinese Association (CCCA) was founded in 1980 by a group of California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) faculty members as a non-profit organization, previously named as Central Coast Chinese Professional Association (CPA). Its original goals were to promote alliance, brotherhood/sisterhood and mutual aid of the ethnic Chinese professionals and their families in the San Luis Obispo County and its vicinity, and to set as one of the Equal Opportunity Advisory bodies to the President of the Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California.

In the last thirty years, the CCCA has played a vital role in networking and support each others within the Chinese community in Central Coast. It has also been involved in a variety of civic projects and activities such as establishing scholarships at Cal Poly, contributing to the Salvation army, participating in the San Luis Obispo International Festival, supporting the County Historical Museum, and donating a drinking fountain to the San Luis Obispo City library. In addition, the CPA has supported Cal Poly student clubs such as the Chinese Student Association and the Chinese Culture Club in promoting multicultural events.

As a result of a growing community of Chinese influence on the central coast, both in and outside of Cal Poly, members of the Association voted unanimously to rename the Chinese Professional Association to simply the Central Coast Chinese Association in 2010.


Board Members

Quping Dai

Evelyn Kwong

Phil Leo

Shirly Li

Xiaoli Lu

Allen Wang

Yanqi Wang

Luke Xing

Kurt Lo

John Pan

Mai Wilson

Charlotte Chang

Weihui Zhou

Katherine Hudson

Luke Xing

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