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The Ah Louis Family

Ah Louis:

  • Funded the founding of a Chinese school in the joss house (temple) at 818 Palm Street

  • Lived a bicultural life

  • Invited non-Chinese family friends to celebrate the Lunar New Year with his family.

Wife -

En Gon Ying Louis:

  • Ah Louis' wife - they met in San Francisco in 1889, when Mrs. Louis was 20 and Ah Louis was 48

  • Married and moved to San Luis Obispo, where she lived in the apartment above the Ah Louis store

  • She is said to have left that building only twice, over a span of 20 years

  • Hosted celebrations and dinners put on by her husband for business purposes, and to build relationships with the community

  • Had eight children

  • She died in her sleep at the age of 40 on September 30, 1909, with her baby Howard beside her

  • She was shot in the head by a .38 - caliber revolver

  • Known as "Silver Dove"

Children -

Howard Louis:

  • Philanthropist

  • Youngest of the eight children

  • San Luis Obispo High School Football Team's team captain

  • Known as a community-minded and generous man who enjoyed visiting classrooms and sharing stories of growing up on Palm Street - San Luis Obispo's Chinatown

  • Died in 2008, after his 100th birthday

Helen Louis:

  • Pianist

  • Performed a solo at a 1912 temperance revival

  • Performed at the wedding of Young Louis and Stella Chandler in January 1913

Helen Louis in 1939 (Image Source here)

George Louis:

  • Vocalist and steel guitarist

  • Performed at a concert at the Elmo Theater in 1923

Fred Louis:

  • Wrestler at the University of Chicago in 1931-32

Fred Louis in 1957 (Image Source here)

Grandchildren -

Elsie Louis:

  • Won the California state spelling bee in 1928

Sept. 4, 1928 Telegram about Elsie Louis being Spelling Bee Champion (Image courtesy of History Center of San Luis Obispo)

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