• Emily Pan

A Timeline of the Chinese Population in San Luis Obispo


  • People came from the East Coast to the gold rush

  • Foreigners arrive to the Central Coast in response to the shortage of laborers


  • More than 25,000 Chinese arrive in California

  • Meaning 1/10 of the population in California is Chinese


  • Chinese was the main workforce on the railroad

  • Because the two largest railroads in California were joined together in San Luis Obispo County, SLO had the largest Chinese community in California


  • San Luis Obispo Tribune designates Palm Street as Chinatown

Palm Street; Chinatown in San Luis Obispo (Image Source here)


  • Chinatown is demolished in order to accommodate a parking structure


  • Chinese Cemetery is now South Higuera Street

  • Ah Louis Store is the only remaining Chinese Historical Landmark present in San Luis Obispo County

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